Outer Wilds (alpha release)

Outer Wilds is a space exploration game that gives you just 20 minutes to explore an untamed solar system driven by forces beyond your control. Explore the depths of a gas giant, discover ancient ruins on a collapsing world, or roast marshmallows with a fellow traveler before the Sun goes supernova and the Universe itself comes to an end.

Curiously, the entire solar system is trapped in a time loop (à la Groundhog Day), and only by exploring over the course of multiple playthroughs can you unravel the mysteries of the Outer Wilds.

A game by Team Outer Wilds

DOWNLOAD OUTER WILDS (alpha release for PC, Mac, and Linux)

NOTE: This project is currently in development, and major pieces of the narrative and world are still being implemented.

161 comments to Outer Wilds (alpha release)

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  • Hayden  says:

    I couldn’t post the URL, but just go to the official website, and download it there.

  • Hayden  says:

    The game is free, at the moment. You can download it from the creator’s website:

  • mcrane  says:

    i’ve keybound the game to my controller wrong, meaning i’ve bound things to axes when i wanted them on buttons, seeing as i was using the axes for something else and now running forward jumps and opens the menu. i can’t figure out where in the registry the file that keeps the keybindings so i can delete it or how else to set things to an unused joystick without actually buying a second usb pad. can you offer some help please?

  • Randomerofawesome  says:

    looks good but cant play im guessing you unzip the file but its passworded. Anyone know the password?

  • D1no_F1sh  says:

    This Is The Same For Me But I Wanted To Feature It On My Channel! :(

  • TheAnswer  says:

    This should work, but the download is slow (Solution by Anson2000 on reddit): archieve.org version of this website

  • Fix  says:

    this gets around the problem of error 403 http://outer-wilds.en.softonic.com/download Enjoy :)

  • Thisguy  says:

    I haven’t found a RELIABLE way to fix 403 issue. Game looks interesting. now I need to download it. But I get rejected.

  • conner  says:

    hi nerd cubed recently featured your game on his channel and it looked great but when i went to download it it say 403 forbidden and will not let me download it is there a reason for this or is the host service just being an arse (i live in england if thats a reason for it)

  • Sam  says:

    Thank you very much for this answer. I heard about this gave via NerdCubed and when I went to download it the same issue happened. Thanks to your response I now know that it is not a mistake on my part!
    With much thanks,

    • Sam  says:

      Hey Thank all for the hard work on the downloads. I was just able to start the Mac download! This looks like an amazing game and I cant wait to play it! Keep up the good work all!

  • Axius27  says:

    That’s the Slashdot effect for you

  • Mike  says:

    Sorry for the typo

  • Mike  says:

    The issues id that the YouTuber NerdCubed just gave this game a whole lot of publicity. Too many people are trying to download it all at once.

  • Brick  says:

    I am having problems downloading the game, when I click the download PC build option I get a 403 error that I don’t know how to solve.
    Someone please help

  • Outer Wilds | Gioco Indie  says:

    […] Outer Wilds è un gioco che ci mette in prima persona nei panni di un pilota spaziale, ma non è un simulatore, anzi, è un gioco di esplorazione ed avventura.La sua particolarità è quella di svolgersi in un ciclo di tempo della durata di 20 minuti, dopodiché il sole esploderà e l’universo avrà fine. Serviranno numerose partite per esplorare il sistema solare in cui ci troviamo. […]

  • Shinzo  says:

    When will the next update come? an ETA of when the next version?

  • Jambi  says:

    Hey, I just discovered this game and this is the single most amazing game I’ve ever played.

    Space, exploration, a mystery, weird mechanics.

    If you start a Kickstarter, I’m pretty sure you’ll reach whatever your goal is in days. This is awesome, please continue with i!

  • etienne b  says:

    still playing your game once in a while, even having discovered everything already, it’s beauty and serenity still amazes me! (having a gamepad now definitely adds to the fun)
    I really hope you’re still working on this, would love to see more Outer Wilds!
    if so: take your time, but still, just wanted to ask: when approximately will we get more?
    best wishes

  • Flames  says:

    this game is amazing i am sat eagerly awaiting any further “road map” changlogs or even a build update i really look forward to seeing what you guys can do with this project as it is probably one of the most creative and inventive ideas i have ever seen huge well done to all involved thus far :)

  • A person  says:

    I love this game, but I’ve had a problem with keyboard bindings. I tried to change them, then uninstalled the game. When I reinstalled it, the bindings were not the default ones, which is a bit of a problem, because what I’d changed it to caused the player to move continuously to one side. Is there a file that I can edit to reset it?

  • Vox  says:

    This is one of the most amazing and engrossing games I have played in a long long time. Is there any way we can see a changelog, or proof of future ideas that you want to implement into the game? I can’t get enough, and am so excited for what is in store.

  • Jman  says:

    I really love trying to discover the history of the aliens, and i was wondering how the puzzle piece at Giant’s Deep is coming. I can’t wait to find out what it is!

  • Brendan Sheehan  says:

    Please Alex, make a changelog for this game! I love this game more than anything, and would love to see a changelog so that I can know when I should re-download the game for the new features. Also, I would love to donate to the team, (As I said early, I love this game more than anything) So could you add a donate button? I think all of the hardcore fans of the game (Such as me) would donate…


  • ????  says:

    Is this game dead? I love this game so much i feel like early alpha is a full game and it would sadden me to see it go.

    • abeach  says:

      Nope, we’re still chugging away. Thanks for the support!

      • Alec  says:

        Awesome! Great to know it’s still being worked on! I absolutely love this game for both what it is, and for what it has the potential to become :D

  • [...] is a planet in Outer Wilds that seems to be made almost entirely of water. The description for this planet is as follows [...]

    • Artix Fox  says:

      It is possible. There’s a hint towards that goal in Brittle Hollow.
      It has something to do with the weather on Giant’s Deep.

  • Jack  says:

    I’ve also been having “everything is black” texture glitch. Too bad just got a new comp that could handle the game it’s an msi gaming computer: GE70 2OC-081US

  • lolxdspawner  says:

    Please help: I played this game a while ago on this laptop and it worked fine, and i open the game again and every texture (exept the fire and atmospheres) is black

    OS:win 8 64bit
    Proccesor:Intel I3-3217U 1.80GHz
    Graphics card:Intel HD 4000

    • abeach  says:

      You’re actually the 2nd person to ask about this problem. We know it’s shader-related, but we haven’t narrowed down the issue (so any details you can provide would be a big help).
      Is it the exactly same build of the game as before? Did anything at all change on your laptop? (updated graphics drivers?)
      Does turning off the shadows from the settings menu help?

      • lolxdspawner  says:

        Yes its the same build, Yes actually HP Support center mentioned that there where a bunch of updates and i installed all of them (after the the last time it worked),No turning of the shadows does not work.
        Greetings: Lolxdspawner
        ps: I love the game
        pps: Can you make that you can change the time of the supernova.
        ppps: Thanks for the fast response

        • lolxdspawner  says:

          YES i fixed it:
          I downgraded my graphics card and it works now

          Greetings: Lolxdspawner

          • abeach  says:

            Great to hear! Would you mind shooting us an email/message with the specifications of the drivers that didn’t work and the drivers you downgraded to? It would really help us figure out what the actual problem is so we can help others who run into it. Thanks!

          • lolxdspawner  says:

            The driver update is removed!?
            That kinda sucks.

          • sscialli  says:

            Hi lolxdspawner,

            I’m Sarah, the producer of Outer Wilds.

            We’re currently trying to solve this texture with another machine. Would you be able to provide some more info about the graphics card and what you downgraded to? We’re in a bit of a hurry, so any help you can provide would be very helpful.

            Thanks for your interest in the game!

          • lolxdspawner  says:

            My graphics card is:
            Intel HD 4000
            And the (working) version is:

    • Samuel  says:

      I’m having the same issue, have ya’ll found a fix yet?

  • someone  says:

    How do you create local gravity fields, like the ones on the inside of Brittle Hollow. I ask because in my project the groudn curves upwards and the player needs to stay oriented right (like in Outer Wilds). Any advice would be appreiated, but if you want to keep your trade secrets ecret then thats fine as well.

    • abeach  says:

      If you’re working in Unity, you’ll need to roll your own character controller that orients itself to a custom gravity vector of some sort.
      (you could try modifying Unity’s character controller prefabs, but I’m not sure they can be rotated off the y-axis)

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    [...] Title: Outer Wilds [...]

  • Michael E from Denmark  says:

    Could this be the reason?:

    Unsupported: Hidden/Dof/DepthOfFieldHdr
    Platform assembly: E:\games\OuterWilds\OuterWilds_7-30-13_Data\Managed\Boo.Lang.dll (this message is harmless)
    The shader Hidden/Dof/DepthOfFieldHdr (UnityEngine.Shader) on effect Camera (DepthOfFieldScatter) is not supported on this platform!

    (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/7535de4ca26c26ac/Runtime/ExportGenerated/StandalonePlayer/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 54)

    The image effect Camera (DepthOfFieldScatter) has been disabled as it’s not supported on the current platform.

    (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/7535de4ca26c26ac/Runtime/ExportGenerated/StandalonePlayer/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 54)


    (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/7535de4ca26c26ac/Runtime/ExportGenerated/StandalonePlayer/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 54)

    HDR and MultisampleAntiAliasing (in Forward Rendering Path) is not supported. This camera will render without HDR buffers. Disable Antialiasing in the Quality settings if you want to use HDR.

    (Filename: Line: 1926)

    HOLD IT!!! You shouldn’t change the center of mass without recalculating the inertia tensor!!!

    (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/7535de4ca26c26ac/Runtime/ExportGenerated/StandalonePlayer/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 54)


  • Michael E from Denmark  says:

    The game hangs when i try to load a new episode?, it just stays at loading… and then everything freezes?.

    I’m trying to play this game on a laptop with 4 gb memory.

    I just unpacked the game into it’s own directory, though not on the C drive, does that matter?, there are the exe file and then the game directory, that is all that is needed?, or do i need to extract more?.

  • YoI'mAGuy  says:

    So, I’m wondering if in this version I can actually solve the mysteries of the universe. I’ve found many, many things leading me from one area to another, but I can’t seem to find anything really important to mess with.

  • Anonymous man type person  says:

    please disregard my previous comment the sensitivity auto adjusted after a while. kind weird actually. :)

  • Anonymous man type person  says:

    this game seems to have the same problem as another indie game i played did the sensitivity is way too high and wont go low enough as a result its unplayable :(

  • Anonymous man type person  says:

    This is a beautiful game and i can’t wait to give it a go i watched indie impressions and just had to download it and i just saw that you also made tales from the minus lab which i saw nerdcubed do a video on and it also looks great DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

  • Outer Wilds (Preview Build) | Indie Impressions  says:

    [...] Today we’re going to have a look at a game called Outer Wilds by Alex Beachum. We’ll toast some marshmallows with the locals, learn to fly a spaceship and eventually make our way to other worlds and explore space. Check out the alpha version for free at the link below. Download Free [...]

  • SomePersonThatComments  says:

    The only thing I dislike is the 20 minute thing. Maybe an alternative with no time limit?

  • Gus  says:

    I really love this game, as its the kind of thing I’ve been waiting for. The music, gameplay, and plot (even in alpha as we are) are fantastic.
    One thing is that the player model, as viewed from the probe camera, is a sphere. This slightly blights the gameplay. If you could include a proper model, even just through the probe camera, then that would be fantastic.
    Keep going, as this game is brilliant.

  • Chaltak  says:

    A beautiful alpha is what you’ve got here.
    The good: great music, fantastic atmosphere (tied to location, very nice) with complex and intriguing space puzzles and an ancient story to unravel. Unique planets and a unique design overall. As said by someone else, “You somehow made interplanetary space travel rustic. I like it.”
    The bad: It’s unfinished, I know :) There really isn’t much more here than the exploration aspect. That’s not a problem – this could revolve solely around the exploration and incredible atmosphere already in place, but it really needs to have a goal if that’s the case. Instead, this seems to be set up to be a puzzle game, with different excellent mechanics in play to provide such an experience. Trying to reveal as little spoilers as possible, the hints regarding the “fifth location” seem to indicate that therein lies the endgame, but as far as I’m aware, that part of the game doesn’t actually exist yet. I’m excited to see the full release of this! You and your team are in the process of creating a beautiful game :)

  • CorraxisNova  says:

    Alex? My game has had this bug for a while now, so I don’t play it anymore; But my game works fine up to the point were you click start. Then, when the game starts up, your character keeps on trying to look at the up left of the screen uncontrollably. Not only I can’t play the game, but it started happening to Kerbal Space Program the day It happened. So this is me asking for HALP!!

    • Chaltak  says:

      Corraxis, if it’s happening to two totally different games like that, the problem is much more likely to be from the computer, not the game. Best of luck.

  • francesco spycher  says:

    Why you not bring this awesoem game over to steam kickstarter?
    would defintaly be supported by the community ?

  • jake  says:

    can you make the outer wilds windows keyboard compatible

    • 5donuts  says:

      It is keyboard compatible, but you’ll have to look up the controls for each of the keys, since the game displays the controls for a gamepad.

  • Etienne  says:

    I just tabbed the tune the guy on Brittle Hollow is playing on his banjo (but for guitar) http://m.uploadedit.com/b018/1375060314241.txt
    Anyone here who can tell me how accurate this is?
    Anyway: I think the soundtrack is very beautiful

    • Andrew  says:

      Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!

      It’ll lay easier on your hands and you can do all the pull offs and slides if you put a capo on the 2nd fret. The loop starts on the D, but since the capo removes the open D string, play it on the A string, 5th fret.

      For the part with 2 C#s in a row, you’ll now be able to play them on the G string 6th fret and B string open (2nd fret) to get them both to ring out.

      • Etienne  says:

        Wow, I hardly use capos, now I’m amazed how much easier it gets this way, especially the 2 C#s part, which always sounded kinda wrong;
        now it’s perfect, thank you!

  • Arthus  says:

    Hi there,

    I suspect outer wilds to be a great game, promising hours of original fun and spatial poetry. I say suspect because the linux version suffers some serious bugs/limitations that ruins the experience. I’m aware this is alpha, but you released the game so that players might be able to discover it and enjoy your team’s work. It’s a shame that some small issues spoil the pleasure here. Here are the main things that would need to be tweaked ;

    1 ) Mouse sensitivity issue : it’s been brought up here about the Mac version. It’s the same on Linux. ( Debian Wheezy amd64 )
    2 ) Fullscreen does’nt seem to scale : I’m playing in 1280×800 and tried smaller resolutions, but could’nt get the viewport to adapt/scale to my screen. I can only see the lower left of what is being rendered. The fact that the crosshair is offset on the higher right portion of the screen seems to confirm that. Does this game only run in 1920×1080 ?
    3 ) Keyboard mapping : I’m playing with an AZERTY layout and the default mapping is unadapted.

    All these issues could be solved by giving the player some control over the configuration, be it with a menu, a config file in the games folder, or a command line parameter.

    The game looks great, and I’m a little frustrated although I spent some time trying to get acquainted with the ship’s control. I do realise there is a great deal of work behind this state of the project and am only making some suggestions here with the feeling that this game deserve to be praised.

    Keep up the good work, cheers,

  • K  says:

    Is there some way to leave the solar system before the sun blows up? Is there a way to stop the sun from blowing up? Is there a way to kill those green alien freaks? Do said alien freaks descend from humans?

  • Guest  says:

    Really nice game… but i have a hell lot of questions that i hope someone can answer… 1.Will this game be free even in beta?
    2.How often do you update the game?
    3.Can you/or will you give information about the updates and how the final version might look like?
    Loved the game very much!

  • rudemario  says:

    I think this game is amazing, just by youtube videos. So I decided to get the game, being a mac user I obviously chose the mac version, and after starting it up, I moved my mouse to get acquainted with my surroundings and did numerous 360 and 900 spins. I played around and got to the Zero G Caves, but once I got inside it became too unbearable, and I had enough fun. I pressed escape to return to the main menu to change the mouse sensitivity, but I was disappointed to find that no such option existed. Do you have a work around or some other way to fix this? I’ve tried changing my mouse’s sensitivity settings but to no avail.

    • abeach  says:

      Sorry about the sensitivity – this seems to be a problem specific to the mac build. It should be fixed in next week’s minor update (which will also address a few other bugs that keep cropping up).

      • rudemario  says:

        Thanks, I managed to get myself adjusted after awhile, now its just a minor problem, but keep up the great work! Loving the game so far! :3

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    [...] Outer Wilds est un jeu indépendant que m’a fait découvrir George et dans lequel vous incarnez un petit alien qui quitte sa planète pour explorer une dernière fois son système solaire. [...]

  • Farcy  says:


    Do you know if this game could be on the Ouya console ?

  • Outer wilds « Mes idées HIGH TECH  says:

    [...] Outer Wilds est un jeu indépendant que m’a fait découvrir George et dans lequel vous incarnez un petit alien qui quitte sa planète pour explorer une dernière fois son système solaire. [...]

  • [...] Outer Wilds est un jeu indépendant que m’a fait découvrir George et dans lequel vous incarnez un petit alien qui quitte sa planète pour explorer une dernière fois son système solaire. [...]

  • Outer wilds | Korben  says:

    [...] Outer Wilds est un jeu indépendant que m'a fait découvrir George et dans lequel vous incarnez un petit alien qui quitte sa planète pour explorer une dernière fois son système solaire. [...]

  • DDBBVV  says:

    This is an amazing game aside from the glitches (courtesy of alpha stage). I’m pretty sure I’ve explored everything possible, what is the eta on the next update? Will it expand on the story?

    • abeach  says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! Next week we’re hoping to release a minor update (mostly for bug fixes), but I’m afraid the next story update will take a fair deal longer. It’s in the works though!

      • DDBBVV  says:


  • Zack  says:

    How do you exit the game in the title screen and how do you turn down the sensitivity? (Mac)

    • abeach  says:

      Apologies about the high mouse sensitivity. It will be fixed in the next build (as will an option to quit from the menu).

  • Yassraider  says:

    Dear Etienne .. my ship was damaged because i crashed into the moon so i decided to land on Hearth. .. i landed in some small crater, climbed ot of ship , fog fell down, and ground disapperaed. and right in front of me was that GIANT anglerfish , roared, and i almost got herthattack :D … so yeah i think its on purpose :D

    • abeach  says:

      Actually, that shortcut was put there for testing purposes…I didn’t realize we had forgotten to remove it, and now I’m not sure we should!

  • t  says:

    Just finished playing this for ~2 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it really was wonderful. Thank you for a great experience.

  • Etienne  says:

    Does anybody know if it’s a glitch or intended that one of the craters on Hearth teleports me to Dark Bramble?
    I went there once and was terrified, so I intended to never go there again; so it was very very creepy when I found myself mystically transported back there..

    But, by the way: Loved the game very much! Great work!

  • Jason E  says:

    This is simply stunning. I just got…”eaten”, and I had a genuine moment of terror as I desperately tried to escape, only to crash and ruin my chances of saving myself. When I discovered the noisy core of the asteroid I was filled with wonder (and creeped out. Seriously, that thing is weird.)

    As a Unity dev myself, the work that’s gone into this is visible and stunning. There’s a few issues, to be completely expected of an alpha build. The only bug that’s really bugging (sorry) me is the fact that the mouse isn’t fixed. I have three monitors, and if my mouse goes to the left or right clicking minimises the games, thus I have to be very careful locking on, etc.

    But no, serious props to you, this is an incredible piece of work and I’ll be following it closely.

  • Will Flanary  says:

    It is my belief that a game can be driven by the players curiosity alone, this game confirms that theory. They don,t make games like this anymore and its a shame.

  • Will Flanary  says:

    very impressive game, you and your team have my respect.

  • Graeson McLennan  says:

    You should really look into expanding this game, im sure it would sell very well on the Xbox Live arcade or indie marketplace!

  • 5donuts  says:

    For whatever reason Outer Wilds decided that it would take up 700MB from my 1TB hard drive. I have plenty of other, larger, games that only take up 20 or so MB. My machine is running win7, 64bit, and I’m playing on keyboard/mouse. I hope this helps to resolve whatever issue is causing this.

    • 5donuts  says:

      Sorry, I had a VERY major typo here, I meant GB, not MB.

      • abeach  says:

        Whoa! That is…very strange. The current version should only take up ~500MB (after it’s been unzipped). How big is the OuterWilds_PC.zip folder before you unzip it?

        • 5donuts  says:

          Only 269 MB, but upon further inspection the real issue proved to be windows having a seizure, since a great deal of files I had previously deleted ended up in the Outer Wilds folder after I emptied the recycle bin, so the issue wasn’t actually with the game. Regardless, congratulations on developing an amazing game!

  • Reuben  says:

    Is there a way to download the older versions of this game.
    I’ve seen the trailers on Youtube and I want to explore the older planets that aren’t in the game anymore.

    • abeach  says:

      Sorry to say, but only the current version is available for download. That said, no planets were actually cut from the game, although a few did evolve substantially over the course of development.

  • Sean Fuller  says:

    Thanks for the Mac update. I can now go up and down. The game is very captivating. Thanks.

  • CorraxisNova  says:

    Is there a way to use a GameCube controller? If not, that’s ok, but I already have an adapter for the GameCube.

    • abeach  says:

      You could try hooking it up and see what happens – the game should read any joystick inputs, although they probably won’t be mapped properly unless it’s an xbox controller.

  • Outer Wilds | pixelpunsch  says:

    [...] sei erwähnt, dass sich das Spiel derzeit noch in der Entwicklung befindet – die derzeit kostenlos herunterladbare Version zeigt lediglich den aktuellen Stand. Wer sich unabhängig davon einmal an das grenzenlose [...]

  • Nzen  says:

    To whom would I send the crash report folder? The game hasn’t gotten past the New/Saved_Game screen in the last 3 tries. I could describe my setup but, the report is much more exact than I could be.

  • 2000gmod  says:

    can someone help me with the spining of the camera in the begining?

    i cant control my game!

    • CorraxisNova  says:

      I suffer from the same problem. Is there a Options menu in game?

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  • Ben  says:

    I have spent the past four hours exploring the universe this game includes. All I have to say is well done indeed. From the horrifying angler fish to the quantum moon this game is still surprising, scaring, and striking awe after so many hours. My hat is off, good sir. I have never found this games equal.

  • Chris  says:

    ……O.O well done sir well done ….. we are scared

  • Vallenshield  says:

    Can you make an xbox version (my pc lags when playing the game so i would like to trplaying it on the xbox)

  • Oghora  says:

    Cool game! I’m playing on mac, my issue is that my sensitivity on my mouse is WAY too high. I’ve tried using my system preferences and changing the sensitivity but it doesn’t help. Perhaps you could add some kind of slider in game?

  • Kathryn Wallace  says:

    Hello! Tried out the new patch for mac and I can now go up and down. However, I do see the mouse now, and it doesn’t stay lined up with the middle of the screen, so its kind of hard to navigate. I walk and turn and I suddenly end up in the exact opposite direction of where I want to be. I imagine it would be much easier with an xbox controller. I just have to figure out what A or RB means on my keyboard and I’ll be set to go. One more thing, is there a way to get out of the game without force-quitting it? <-just a thought for the future. I visited my first planet (I'm sure glad for autopilot!) and I have to say this is so cool! I think you should definitely continue and expand on this idea; it has a lot of potential for entertainment and I think it's awesome that you can see numerically and feel the forces of gravity on your ship.

  • Cyraga  says:

    Put this on kickstarter and expand the crap out of it imo

    Awesome work so far. I really just wish there was more to explore. This is one of those rare gems that deserves to be great.

  • Tom McQueen  says:

    Sir, this game is honestly one of the most imaginative and creative things i’v come across. It has so much potential and I would love to see some sort of multiplayer. I mean really that was amazing.

  • 2000gmod  says:

    I have a problem, i initiated the game, started playing, but the camera starts spining too much.

    Playing on Keyboard + mouse , Win7 64bit.

  • MrLorgy  says:

    I see, I didnt get that far to begine with because there where missclick and NOPE moments haha. This game is intense, great job :)

  • MrLorgy  says:

    I am having the issue that I can’t chose to resume in the menue (windows 7, 64 bit) even with rebinding the keys nothing lets me chose the second option. So if I accidentally press escape say to exit a menue or something, I end up losing everything I have done so far.

    • abeach  says:

      The “Resume” option only becomes available when a saved game exists. The game automatically saves whenever the time loop resets (after you die or sun explodes). There is no way to save mid-time-loop.

  • Sean Fuller  says:

    Downloading now. It appears to be quite a bit smaller though 761 MB vs. 269 MB.

  • Sean Fuller  says:

    I did some research and it looks like the Unity engine does not differentiate between left and right shift on a Mac, so there probably is no workaround unless the Unity engine changes or Outer Wilds changes the keys for up and down.

    • abeach  says:

      I just uploaded a new mac build which should fix this issue (please let me know if it doesn’t).

  • Mr_Sinister  says:

    Windows pc version
    OS = win7 pro
    mem = 4gb
    gfx = nvidia 9800gtx

    [ ALLOC_PROFILER ] used: 56B | peak: 0B | reserved: 4194304B
    Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!
    Trying to allocate: 5592408B with 32 alignment. MemoryLabel: Texture
    Allocation happend at: Line:382 in
    Memory overview

    also,after the line 885 error it continues for a long while repeating line 958. I hope this helps

    (Filename: Line: 885)

    Texture ” has no data

    (Filename: Line: 958)

    Texture ” has no data

    (Filename: Line: 958)

    Texture ” has no data

    (Filename: Line: 958)

    Texture ” has no data

    (Filename: Line: 958)

    Texture ” has no data

    • abeach  says:

      Hmmm…I wonder if the game is trying to use more than 4gb of memory when it loads.
      Could you please email me your output_log file (found in the Data folder)?
      My email is abeachum42@gmail.com.

  • Kathryn Wallace  says:

    Agree with Sean Fuller. I’ve tried everything but the function keys, but I guess I’ll try that. Maybe you could post a xbox to keyboard converter for those of us without xbox controllers? :) The game looks cool so far though.

    • CorraxisNova  says:

      When the game starts, don’t click play. Go to the Input thing, and Scroll down. the letters will be labeled there in the Secondary category. The Xbox equivalents are in the category.

  • Sean Fuller  says:

    Playing on a mac mini running OSX 10.8.4. I can’t figure out how to do upward and downward thrust. I’m using a mac wireless keyboard. I’m intrigued by what I’ve seen so far but can’t figure out how to launch the ship and always crash the little remote control version of the ship because I can’t get any upward thrust.

  • Diego  says:

    I am mesmerized by this game. It needs a forum for people to share things they found. Please, keep developing it! if money is a problem you can make it commercial and open pre sale, or start a kickstarter.

  • Steve  says:


  • Steve  says:

    I really want to play this game. But for some reason, the lighting effect don’t work on my computer. I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX on my Lenovo latop. It makes it so all I can see is the sky and the fire, but not the other dude or the launch controls or anything around me.

  • tedric  says:

    Is the Linux version available as a package? I can’t get the download to run. Ubuntu wants to open the executable file with another application, and when I change its permissions to run as an executable it just…doesn’t open on double-click. Literally nothing happens. Maybe Misanth or someone else who has tried it can help me out?

  • Alex  says:

    The controls are lousy with computer + mouse setup. The movement and camera are overly sensitive.

    I know the game is originally designed with Xbox360 controller, but you should at least add an OPTION menu so that we can tweak to settings that we are most comfortable with and reduce frustration with finky controls.

    • abeach  says:

      Yeah, sorry ’bout that. We’ll try to tweak those in the near future.

  • Diego  says:

    Sounds promising! I’m having problems downloading though (the download ends before it really ends, if you know what I mean). Maybe torrent or some more mirrors would help.

  • mei  says:

    Just awesome, lots of thanks for this. I miss so much this kind of developments, focused on the navegation throught universe. I really hope there could be a more ambitious expansion in the future, enabling even further exploration, throught galaxies and beyond (maybe a crownfunded project?). So much potential in this!

    I play in win7 with keyboard and mouse controls, no important bugs (thought I have not figured out how to save my explorations yet, the “Continue” option is always unenabled, so I always start from the beggining), and the controls are really fine, just as someone else mentioned above, would be good the possibility of adjusting the mouse sensitivity, that is a bit too sensible when walking.

    Again, so much thanks for it!

  • Rici  says:

    Anyone knows how to reach the quantum moon? Sometimes I get lucky and manage to partially land on it but it disappears after a few seconds…

    • CorraxisNova  says:

      Here is a hint… the probe is key for landing on it. The quantum moon is the same material as the face thing in the Observatory.

  • [...] Wilds – Thanks to Therlun over on Broken Forum for the lead on this one. It looks like a space exploration game, but the twist is that the universe resets every 20 minutes except for your character. Love that, [...]

  • Marcin  says:

    Looks wonderful and imaginative. Can’t wait to get some time with it this weekend.

  • WarlockGaming  says:

    I love it! I really like the angelfish, the way they dive out of the mists… Awesome!
    Keep the good work up!

  • L.  says:

    You’ve done a man’s job, sir! So many beautiful moments that will be etched in my gaming memory and I already crave for MORE. I love the fine line that you walk between science and fiction and the sense of awe Outer Wilds conjure is off the charts. Wherever you’re taking this project, godspeed!

  • blackmorrow  says:

    A couple of bugs if you plan on fixing them:

    1. During the translation of the alien totem(?) at the crash-landed pod on Brittle Hollow, there’s a typo (two words rammed together).

    2. I crash-landed my own ship perfectly across the gorge (perhaps a result of broken planet crust) on a tree and two pieces of pod hull. My alignment somehow prevented me from taking off again despite whatever combination of thrusters I tried. Not sure if that can be fixed or not…

    Great game, and I think the PC key controls are good, but I would suggest lowering mouse sensitivity for in-person mode if possible. The ship sensitivity is fine, however.

  • Quimey  says:

    Wow, this game is awesome and addictive. I founded some bugs with the map creation, but over all really liked what have you done

  • SirNiko  says:

    I’m having the same problem as Writhe. Whenever I leave the observatory with the launch codes, the game pops up a “Loading…” message, sits for about thirty seconds to a minute, then crashes with a popup that informs me of an “Access Violation”. It does this consistently each time I play.

    I’m playing the PC build on Windows Vista.

  • eran100  says:

    How do I repair my ship?

  • asteropaeus  says:

    Just had a quick try of this on Linux with a 360 gamepad. Everything appears operational, except that pressing a button seems to generate a large number of repeating keypresses – ie walking up to a character and pressing X for a half second jumps through the whole conversation several times, instead of just triggering the first stage of the conversation.

    Wonder if there’s an OS setting for button event repeat rate. I’ll probably poke around some more.

  • Martijn Zandvliet  says:

    Hey Alex!

    Haven’t played yet but your game came highly recommended by a friend, and I’m looking forward to checking it out later this evening! In the mean time I wanted to quickly drop by with some tips:

    You can test your Linux builds relatively well by running one or two Linux distros in a virtual machine. I recommend the free VMWare Player, as that has proper support for 3D acceleration. If you set it up to use a shared folder from your main OS you can just let Unity build to that folder so you can then run it directly in an open VM instance.

    One existing problem with Linux builds is that Screen.lockCursor is broken, which is annoying for first person games.

    Oh, and having a torrent download available is highly recommended. You can create them with most available torrent clients (I use QBitTorrent), and then you just have to make sure to seed it for a bit while it gets going. It certainly helped us out when The Aurora Wager got a sudden spike of interest and the bandwidth brought down our website. :)

    Blue skies!

  • Writhe  says:

    Indeed, there is a ‘loading’ text, but the disk activity stops after a while, and a critical error pops up. Error log mentions an access violation in mono.dll (at 001b:10105b0d).

    Regarding the workaround – after you jump your way up the launch tower, take off, play through the first loop, quit and load/continue, the game assumes you have the launch codes, so it’s not a huge issue.

    Oh, and the game is awesome, by the way. Cheers.

  • Rancorist  says:

    This game is actually beautiful. I miss games when I genuinely just want to explore and nothing else. Please make a stand alone version. I would easily pay $20 for this free download by itself. I don’t know why, but it gives me a vibe from a game called Creatures 3.

  • GoblinOneEye  says:

    Wonderful little game. I use twin monitors on windows 7, and the mouse does not lock to the monitor displaying the game. Other than that, just great :) Thanks for this!

  • Writhe  says:

    If that helps – I managed to bypass the crash by suiting up (J key) and jetpacking to the top of the launch platform. The game still crashes every time the Universe… loops, but – luckily – not before saving the data.

  • Misanth  says:

    Edit* Spoke a little soon, the upward/downward thrust may be misconfigured for the controller, but again, it’s a generic logitech.

  • Misanth  says:

    Working smoothly on Ubuntu 13.04 with a generic logitech controller. Feel free to email me if you want more details on system specs. Beautiful game :)

  • Writhe  says:

    Huh. Current PC build crashes on loading when the player leaves the observatory with the launch codes.
    Tested on a single Win7 32-bit machine, so… yeah… not the greatest statistical sample, I know.

    • abeach  says:

      Is there a “loading” text in the center of the screen when it freezes? We actually reload the scene when you leave the observatory for the first time, so it might just be taking a long time to load.

  • Alextended  says:

    This looks awesome and unique. Sell a polished up sequel.

  • Hiddos  says:

    Not sure if this is still a beta-build or something similar, but to be quite honest this is the most beautiful gaming experience I’ve had since Zeno Clash two years ago. And maybe it’s even better than that. I loved it. I loved every single frame of it. The zero-G cave for testing purposes, all the planets/moons to explore and how different they all were, the ‘travellers’ with their music on the different places. It was absolutely astonishing and mindblowing. 10/10

  • Joel  says:

    (I’m going to try downloading it again, it may have just been my download)

    • abeach  says:

      Thanks for the heads-up. The mac build is new and could very well be corrupted. We’ll look into it!

  • Joel  says:

    Just a heads up, I downloaded the Mac build, and it says the zip file is corrupted. Forcing it unzips it to OuterWilds_6-24-13.app but it doesn’t start up.

  • bob  says:

    I have no xbox360 controller so i’m somewhat doomed. :) Playing OW with kb+m is still fun, but there are some “things” i noticed.
    The windows mouse cursor is visible which is a bit irritating. I also miss a vsync option, the screen tearing is terrible and as usual, forcing vsync trough the graphic card driver does not work.

    • abeach  says:

      Just updated the build to remove the mouse cursor and enable v-sync on the “good” setting and above. Thanks for pointing those out.

  • Carcer  says:

    Have you considered distributing via torrent? The speed I’m getting from your server on direct download isn’t great (might be because I’m in the UK or something, but is a lot less than full speed), but I’ve got an underutilised server with a good connection I’d be happy to seed from if there was a torrent option available.

  • [...] an immensely charming experience. The download is here. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { window.setTimeout('loadFBLike_157513()',1000); }); [...]

  • Tommy  says:

    Is there a Linux version available? I’m really fascinated by this game, and I’d like to try it out.

    • abeach  says:

      There is now! Actually, I’ve never created a Linux build, and have no way of testing it. Could you let me know if it works? (I have a feeling the xbox 360 inputs might not be set up correctly for Linux)

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