Outer Wilds (alpha release)

Outer Wilds is a space exploration game that gives you just 20 minutes to explore an untamed solar system driven by forces beyond your control. Explore the depths of a gas giant, discover ancient ruins on a collapsing world, or roast marshmallows with a fellow traveler before the Sun goes supernova and the Universe itself comes to an end.

Curiously, the entire solar system is trapped in a time loop (à la Groundhog Day), and only by exploring over the course of multiple playthroughs can you unravel the mysteries of the Outer Wilds.

A game by Team Outer Wilds

DOWNLOAD OUTER WILDS (alpha release for PC, Mac, and Linux)

NOTE: This project is currently in development, and major pieces of the narrative and world are still being implemented.

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Tales from the Minus Lab

Harness the power to freely shrink and grow as you explore the uncharted worlds hidden within a single room. Tales from the Minus Lab is a first-person adventure of ever-changing proportions.

Download PC Build

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The Supernova Shipping Co.

Travel the galaxy via the most destructive method of transportation ever invented in this one-button game. I’m currently rewriting (and improving upon) this game for iOS using Openframeworks.

Download Java Version (1.0)

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Open World (Minus Lab prototype)

There’s more to this tiny prison cell than meets the eye. This was my original prototype that inspired Tales from the Minus Lab.

Play Open World

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Yeti Tracks

Download Prototype Build (PC Only)

Yeti Tracks is a first-person survivial-horror game that puts players in the middle of an arctic food chain. Players must hunt down a rabbit and return to their crashed plane while being tracked themselves by an equally hungry Yeti. The current build is only a rough prototype, but I would love to revisit this idea at some point.

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Danger Copter

The 3rd place winner in Qualcomm’s 2010 Augmented Reality Developers Challenge.
Douse the fires, rescue the gingerbread men, and carry them safely to the helipad. This augmented reality game uses an extra-large image marker to create a virtual city that you can literally walk through.

Learn more at: http://dangercopter.wordpress.com/

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Lost Teddy

Lost Teddy is a short action-adventure game in which players use two types of light (a torch and a flashlight) to keep the Nightmares at bay while they reassemble their dismembered teddy bear. The flashlight repels Nightmares and can be temporarily disabled by ghosts. The torch kills Nightmares, but has to be relit at a campfire if it is blown out by a gust of wind.

Play Lost Teddy









Controls: WADS to move, LEFT CLICK to swing a lit torch

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Lucid Skies

This simple flash game (the first one I ever made) is based on the concept of lucid dreaming – as you increase your awareness, it becomes easier to lose control.

Play Lucid Skies

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